The National Gallery, in order to achieve its contemporary social role, has integrated new technologies in its practice, and is offering multiple digital educational, learning and entertainment services. The main goals of all these services are, open access to museum’s collections and the response to the needs of the different audiences (researchers, students, children, adults, etc.).
The National Gallery has developed a number of distribution and access channels, concerning its content: an enriched official website, participation in online cultural platforms (Europeana, Google Art Project), mobile apps (for smartphones and tablets) and digital stations (touch screen stations with multimedia content), which are located: at the National Glyptotheque, in the annexes of the National Gallery (Sparta, Aegina, Nafplio, Corfu) and other cultural organizations (Byzantine and Christian Museum, National Archaeological Museum, Athens Concert Hall-Μegaron, Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation-Thessaloniki, Ionian University-Kerkyra). The National Gallery's official website is an online hub of multi-faceted cultural information, multimedia and interactive applications. Among other things, in the Gallery's website, the online visitor has access to over 10,000 digitized works, digital exhibitions of sensitive and archival material, interactive children's games, apps, educational preparation material for school visits to the museum (in greek), but also several e-books.
The National Gallery has put learning, lifelong learning and entertainment at the heart of its educational policy. Educational programmes and Children's Workshop that are being organized in the museum's premises, are aiming at familiarizing children with Modern Greek Art.
Also, guided tours are organized to groups such as students etc., and they are organized according to the age and familiarity of the group with art.
At the same time, as part of an effort to eliminate the exclusion of sensitive social groups from the cultural capital of the country, as well as the contact with art and its beneficial qualities, the National Gallery since 2014 co-operates with K.E.TH.E A. PAREMVASI, initiating a plethora of activities.