Calendar 2021

1821: The War of Independence and the Greek Painters

Calendar 2020

The Pantheon of the Greek War of Independence
Portaits of militatry commanders by Karl Krazeisen

Calendar 2019

Twelve Greek Artists Pay Homage to Womanhood.

Calendar 2017

Techni Art Group. 1917-1919 and Member Artists

Calendar 2016

Mothers and Children in Modern Greek Art. From the National Gallery Collection

Calendar 2015

A Tribute yo El Greco for the 400th Anniversary of his Death

Calendar 2014

The great moments of the National Gallery-Alexandros Soutsos Musem.

Calendar 2013

Flowers of Generosity

Calendar 2012

From the Treasures of the National Gallery

Calendar 2011

Yiannis Moralis 1916-2009

Calendar 2010

Ernst Ziller 1837-1923. Architectural drawings for Georgian Athens

Calendar 2009

Maria Chroussachi photographs 1918-1965. People and places of the Greece we loved

Calendar 2008

New acquisitions 1992-2007

Calendar 2007

Yannoulis Chalepas 1851-1938

Calendar 2006

Georgios Iakovidis (1853-1932). The painter of childhood

Calendar 2005

The sea in Greek painting

Calendar 2004

The fine arts in Athens during the first Olympic games in 1896

Calendar 2003

Greek light and colour

Calendar 2002

Constantinos Parthenis 1878-1967

Calendar 2001

Nikolaos Gysis 1842-1901. On the occasion of the centenary of his death

Calendar 2000

100 Years National Gallery. Paintings from the National Gallery and the Euripides Koutlidis Foundation

Calendar 1999

Images of Athens 

Calendar 1998

Greek landscape 

Calendar 1997

Women and their world in the modern Greek art

Calendar 1996


Calendar 1994

The child in Greek art. 19th - 20th century

Calendar 1993

From El Greco to Cézanne