National Glyptotheque, 26/07/2004 - 31/10/2004

Organized in the framework of the Cultural Olympiad, the Henry Moore Retrospective was realized in cooperation with the Henry Moore Foundation, Perry Green, UK. The exhibition comprised 73 monumental and smaller-scale works, in seven thematic groups: Standing figures, Reclining figures, Mother and Child, Warriors, Organic forms, Helmets – Inner-Outer Forms and Animals.
Moore’s sculptures preserve their key characteristics throughout these sections: The sculptural form seeks to express universal human values and emotions. The organic, living form is expressed through the fundamental elements of the sculptural language: mass, volume, plane, the interplay of empty and full, energy, power. Moore’s art is archetypal, eliminating individual, narrative, anecdotal elements.

Exhibition Curators: Tonia Giannoudaki, Curator at the National Gallery of Greece
Annita Feldman-Bennet, Curator at the Henry Moore Foundation

Sponsor: Cultural Olympiad
Communication sponsor: ERT