The National Gallery – Alexandros Soutsos Museum is a public law entity governed by a nine-member Board. The Chair is elected by the members of Board. The Director, who is responsible for artistic and museological programming, is appointed by the Minister of Culture on a five-year tenure of office. There are three directorates in the Museum: i. The Collection Directorate V. The Administrative-Financial Directorate, and iii. The Conservation Directorate, headed by three directors respectively. There are approximately 80-90 permanent and temporary employees in the Museum. Salaries and fixed operational expenses are covered by public funding. Endowment revenues cover specific needs: for instance, the Alexandros Soutsos Estate only covers building expenses, the enrichment of the library and the acquisition of earlier works of art (30 years must have intervened between the artist’s death and the date of the acquisition). Proposals for acquisitions and exhibitions are made by the five-member art committee, which comprises the Director and four members of the Board, the ones more closely related to the field in question.

Marina Lambraki-Plaka

The Collection Directorate
Efi Agathonikou

The Administrative-Financial Directorate

The Conservation Directorate

Board of directors
President of the Board
A. Botsos

Vice President of the Board
Ε. Soutsou-Varotsou

Regular members
Panagiotis Aristeidis Thomopoulos
Emmanouela Vasilaki
Athanasios Kokkineas
Christos Bokoros
Olga Mentzafou
Panagiotis Tournikiotis
Antonis Komninos