Dear Friends,

Welcome to the official website of the National Gallery-Alexandros Soutsos Museum. In recent years our Museum, which celebrated its centenary in 2000, has succeeded in attracting the increasing interest of the general public. Approximately four million Greeks and foreigners from all walks of life have visited the National Gallery over the past fifteen years.

The renovated galleries of the permanent collection, the presentation of the wealth of Modern Greek art from a new museological perspective, and the extensive international repertoire of our temporary exhibitions have created an ever-expanding art-loving public, loyal to the National Gallery. What’s more, we have seen comparable public response to our events at the National Gallery’s annexes in Sparta, Corfu and Nafplion, and at the National Glyptotheque in the Athenian suburb of Goudi.

The National Gallery has been able to realize ambitious projects thanks to the coordinated effort of an energetic Board of Directors and an exceptional staff of administrative and security experts. But we owe our success primarily to the wholehearted backing of the State and the sponsors who so generously support our various endeavors.

The new website of the National Gallery-Alexandros Soutsos Museum has a dual mission: to give an overview of the history and identity of the museum with brief descriptions of its collections, and to keep our on-line visitors informed about our current and upcoming events.

We hope that this new information highway will please the Museum’s old friends and create many more new ones.

Marina Lambraki-Plaka
Professor Emeritus of Art History
Director of the National Gallery