Bathing Scene - Flemish School

Flemish School

Bathing Scene, 17th century

Oil on panel, 55 x 81 cm

Donated by the University

Inv. Number Π.190

Another depiction of a nude is in the Bath Scene, attributed to unknown Flemish artist of the 17th century; the work comes from the National Technical University of Athens donation. Even though of medium scale, this is a multi-figure group of nude male and female figures in a Roman-type bath. An attempt to depict the nude human body in a diversity of familiar poses, this painting also contains a wealth of anecdotal details. The figures are conversing or acting in the composition in everyday, unpretentious movements; the textures of objects such as mirrors, basins, vases are skilfully evoked. The incorporated art works and the meticulous description of the architecture add to the realism of the scene. The introduction in the painting of statues, as well as of a painting on the theme of the Judgement of Paris in the background provides a welcome opportunity for the artist to demonstrate different facets of his talent in these “paintings within a painting”.