The Institute of Contemporary Greek Art (ISET) donation to the National Gallery – Museum of Alexandros Soutsos was completed in March 2021. It includes the building facilities of ISET, equipment, and a substantial archive, which records the course of Greek art from 1945 until today. It is the largest archive for contemporary art in Greece. The following sections comprise it: Exhibitions of Greek artists in Greece and abroad, archives of Greek Artists, archives of Greek Writers (art historians, critics and theorists), material for public and private Art Institutions, daily and periodical Newspapers, rich Audiovisual material and a modern Library.

The National Gallery, appreciating the valuable work done by ISET, welcomed this donation with great satisfaction and joy. The timing of the merger of ISET with the National Gallery, in March 2021, at the same time as the opening of the latter’s refurbished building, contributed significantly to the symbolism of the new era of the National Gallery and its work to promote and highlight the research of Greek art and contemporary art production.

Contemporary Greek Art Institute