Boat with Sail (Panormos, Tinos) - Lytras Nikos

Lytras Nikos (1883 - 1927)

Boat with Sail (Panormos, Tinos), ca 1925

Oil on canvas, 53 x 73 cm

Inv. Number Π.467
On view Main Building

In this composition, too, the artist places the horizon near the top, enclosing it with a series of fishing houses built on the beach. This, naturally, helps the artist keep his composition on the painting plane, avoiding the illusion of perspective. As we have seen in other works, there is another way for artists to achieve the same effect: abolishing the old notion that things are surrounded by an atmosphere, which the old art used to represent as a void. Now, both the sky and the atmosphere are painted in bold colours and perceived as full, so that there are no “”voids”” in the painted surface. This was also the reason why when they painted landscapes, artists avoided the so-called “”atmospheric perspective””.
“”A boat with sail”” is placed diagonally. As it is cut off by the painting frame, the artist makes us feel as if we were also there on the boat, along with the languid fisherman, rowing with just one hand, who seems to be looking at us, even though his face is roughly sketched. The sea is articulated using thick paint and flowing brushwork, which gives it physical substance. Blue, violet and ochre prevail.