Composition of Circles - Zongolopoulos Giorgos

Zongolopoulos Giorgos (1903 - 2004)

Composition of Circles, 1998

Stainless metal, 300 cm

Inv. Number Π.10377
On view National Glyptotheque

George Zongolopoulos started out by reproducing the human figure, but turned to abstraction in the early 60s. His earliest works were solid, tectonic sculptures. These were followed by optical-kinetic constructions assembled from nickel, glass and Plexiglas. Then, stainless metal, lenses, springs, umbrellas, rods, and nails became the fundamental elements of his creations. Water and sound and the exploitation of light contributed to the final impression.

A significant portion of Zongolopoulos’ oeuvre is made up of his constructivist compositions that incorporate the void, elevating it to an important factor in the presentation of the piece. “Composition of Circles” is one of his pieces that is based on the combination and repetition of a geometric shape – in this case the circle. Zongolopoulos used six equal-sized circles that penetrate one-another perpendicularly and diagonally. The planes of empty space that their perimeters produce intersect one-another, while simultaneously creating the impression of perpetual circular motion. Five circles are suspended nearly on top of two straight bands that form a right angle. The sixth, placed perpendicularly, balances the support of the construction.