Hunter (from the series “States of Being”) - Chandris Pantelis

Chandris Pantelis (1963)

Hunter (from the series “States of Being”), 2002

From the series "States of Being"

Colored polyester resin, 40 x 160 x 100 cm

Inv. Number Π.10397
On view National Glyptotheque

Pantelis Chandris studied graphic arts and painting, but his enterprise has a clear conceptual direction that is expressed primarily through constructions and manipulations of the space. These constructions and spatial manipulations draw either on nature or on human needs and pursuits connected to the conscious and unconscious. They are fashioned with the help of a visual reality that nonetheless has a symbolic character.

The male figure in an overcoat appeared for the first time in the trilogy “Conversations with a Wintry Figure”. It then became the basic figure in a series of pieces bearing the general title “States of Being”. “Hunter” comes from this series.

According to Chandris, the hunter-predator is identified with the Ego, the dog, the essential hunter, with the Superego, and the bird with the Id. Thus he gives form to a psychoanalytical structure as Freud analyzed it. The symbolic combination of these three figures enables Chandris to express a variety of conscious and unconscious states of being while allowing the viewer to interpret the work from a personal perspective.