Interior Space - Takis (Panayiotis Vassilakis)

Takis (Panayiotis Vassilakis) (1925)

Interior Space, 1957

Bronze, 20 cm

Donated by Alexandros Iolas

Inv. Number Π.4084
On view Corfu Annex

An autodidact by conviction, an innovator and an inventor, Takis combined through his personal idiom science and art in his works. The energy that exists in nature, light, as well as motion in all its forms are the elements which constituted the prime focus of his investigations as early as the beginning of the Fifties and which eventually led to series such as “Signals”, “Telemagnetics”, “Hydromagnetics”, “Musical” and “Photovoltaic Sculptures”.

The series “Interior Spaces” was started in 1957; it is based on nature’s energy and consists of spheres cast in bronze. Takis created these sculptures by exploiting the centrifugal force which is produced by inflating something. To achieve the desired result he filled ordinary balloons with air, and then carefully made a plaster cast before casting them in bronze. Some of these spheres bear the traces of the metal bands that were wrapped tightly around the balloons and thus record the pressure caused by their contact with the inflated surface. Moreover, some times this energy caused bumps which resemble strange heads.