Lady with a Parrot - Mieris Willem van

Mieris Willem van (1662 - 1747)

Lady with a Parrot

Oil on panel, 31 x 32 cm

Donated by Aikaterini Rodokanaki

Inv. Number Π.185

Willem van Mieris (1662–1747), the son of the artist Frans van Mieris the Elder (1635–1682), followed Netherlandish painting traditions in pursuing everyday-life subjects, interiors, historical and mythological scenes. In “Young Woman with a Parrot”, donated by Aikaterini Rodokanaki in 1904, a delicate touch captures the figures and props (week of 20 August), while meticulously detailing the setting, accentuating interior features – for instance the carpets, reliefs, and still-life paintings – and textures.