Modesty - Kastriotis Georgios

Kastriotis Georgios (1899 - 1969)

Modesty, 1955

Special mixture, 152 x 37 x 23 cm

Donated by Mary G. Kastriotou

Inv. Number Π.4601
On view National Glyptotheque

Student of Antoine Bourdelle, Georgios Kastriotis remained faithful to an “anthropocentrically” focused depiction. Though from his teacher he retained the doctrines regarding the rendering of surfaces, the clarity of drawing and the love of impulsive movement, during his career he formed his own particular style which combined realistic rendering with symbolism, or even allegory.

“Modesty” is part of a thematic cycle, where the nude or semi-nude female figures function as symbols or allegories. The young woman with the finely-drawn body and whose head is turned left and lowered with a bashful glance, produces the type of virginal beauty which stirred the artist‘s interest in quite a number of cases. Her arms severed high above the elbows reveal at the same time a tendency to associate this sculpture with the beauty of ancient statues and the fragmentary figure, which Rodin first made into an independent work of art.