Moonscape - Fontana Lucio

Fontana Lucio (1899 - 1968)

Moonscape, 1964 - 1966

Oil on canvas and lacquered wood, 120 x 110 cm

Donated by Alexandros Iolas

Inv. Number Π.4080
On view Main Building

Fontana was born in Argentina to an Italian father. He spent large periods of his life in Argentina and in Italy. He founded Spatialism in 1947 in Milan, an art movement combining elements from science and technology. Since 1949, he titled almost all his works Spatial Concept [Concetto Spaziale], seeking to capture the immaterial outer space. Lunar Landscape, from the series Small Theatres [Teatrini], made in 1964-1966, is an imaginary “spacewalk”, evoked by the holes – traces in the “sky” in the background, amongst the figures of unknown beings.