Nude - Chryssochoidi Titsa

Chryssochoidi Titsa (1906 - 1990)

Nude, 1970

Bronze, 89 x 33 x 35 cm

Donated by the Ministry of Culture and Science

Inv. Number Π.4140
On view National Glyptotheque

Titsa Chryssochoidi, a student of Thomas Thomopoulos, Thanassis Apartis and the French sculptor Robert Wlerick, belongs among those Greek sculptors who served as conduits par excellence for the style of Aristide Maillol. The female figures, the dominant theme of her work, are usually rendered nude, reclining, seated or half-reclining, with lavish and gentle curves, stable and assured outlines, simple arrangements, a tranquil even languid pose and an otherworldly expression. All these reflect the style of the French artist which Chrysochoidi adopted and adapted to her own perceptions.
The seated “Nude” at the National Gallery is a characteristic example of her personal style which not infrequently reveals a romantic temperament.