Old Machine Part - Sorongas Sotiris

Sorongas Sotiris (1936)

Old Machine Part, before 2002

Acrylic and coal, 80 x 140 cm

Donated by Sotirios Sorogas

Inv. Number Π.10382

Time, deterioration and their antidote, memory, are the focus of Sotiris Sorogas’ oeuvre. With reverence and affection he paints parts of old machines that, after having served man, have been abandoned to the mercy of rust and time. Sorogas has retrieved these now useless carcasses from oblivion and silence by painting them with the flawless, sensitive style that characterizes his technique. The picture of the iron relic, painted in the brownish shades of rust, takes on another, almost metaphysical dimension, suspended as it is on the white canvas. The texture of the medium, the space, the voids, and the feeling of silence and arrested time play major roles in Sotiris Sorogas’ individualistic painterly idiom.