Portrait of Miss M. Horsch - Lytras Nikos

Lytras Nikos (1883 - 1927)

Portrait of Miss M. Horsch, ca. 1916-1917

Oil on canvas, 110 x 84 cm

Inv. Number Π.496
On view Main Building

Portraying his wife, Nikolaos Lytras managed to produce one of the most beautiful portraits of modern art. It is indeed a masterpiece, as the artist managed to synthesize two conflicting elements: to create a psychological profile of this beautiful, strong-willed woman, with the vivid gaze and the characteristic gesture, and at the same time to create a very modern painting. The face has been meticulously modelled, while the black dress is painted in broad, pasted brushwork, which creates an effect of volume by its very direction, without any tonal gradation.