Sailor - Tsarouchis Yannis

Tsarouchis Yannis (1910 - 1989)

Sailor, 1938

Oil on canvas, 100 x 70 cm

Donated by the Ministry of Education

Inv. Number Π.3572

A young sailor with rough, lower-class features is portrayed in the foreground, very close to the viewer. He is seated on a chair with his arms crossed, looking straight ahead towards the viewer. The work has been drawn in a simplified manner, with swift and assured brushwork and scant colour. Note the simplicity of means in rendering the facial features or the big hands. The white sailor’s suit has been painted with extraordinary craftsmanship. The diluted white colour allows the black preparation to show through, suggesting the folds and wrinkles on the sleeves. Only four colours – black, white, ochre and grey – are used, yet the artist achieves an image that is full of life. In these works, Tsarouchis benefits from the teachings of both Matisse and folk art.