Spiral - Dikefalos Kostas

Dikefalos Kostas (1956)

Spiral, [before 1993]

Black marble, 117 x 34 x 26 cm

Inv. Number Π.8625
On view National Glyptotheque

Kostas Dikefalos belongs to that very small group of sculptors who have remained faithful to carving directly on the material. Marble for the main part, and stone are the materials he has chosen in order to reveal, by carving them, biomorphic, geometric or aerodynamic forms. His compositions, very close in a number of cases to the perceptions of Constantin Brancusi concerning pure form, other times reflect the style of Henry Moore or even Barbara Hepworth, but rendered in his own personal manner, where the role of light is of the essence and indispensable for making his works distinctive.

“Spiral” comes from a broader cycle of works on the same subject carved in various kinds of marble. These works are the result of the “energy which the sphere potentially contains” and give the feeling of continual motion and evolution which is expressed through a variety of combinations, sometimes vertically arranged and delicately built and other times volumetric and compact while still other times they are slightly extended in a horizontal direction.