St. Peter - Theotokopoulos Domenicos

Theotokopoulos Domenicos (1541 - 1614)

St. Peter, ca 1600-1607

Oil on canvas, 68,5 x 53 cm

Inv. Number Π.9027
On view Main Building

“St Peter” belongs to a series of portraits of Christ and the Twelve Apostles which was first produced by El Greco, called “apostolados.” Such works frequently decorated the treasury in Catholic churches, where the sacred utensils of the church were kept.

“St Peter” is an austere, realistic figure, meditatively gazing beyond the viewer. He is holding in his hand the keys he was entrusted with by Christ. The blue robe and orange himation have been rendered in broad brush strokes; white lights run across the foldings like lightning, evoking the lights and golden trimmings in Byzantine art.