Still Life with Peaches - Linard Jacques

Linard Jacques (1597 - 1645)

Still Life with Peaches, 1629

Oil on canvas mounted on panel, 42 x 56 cm

Donated by the National Technical University

Inv. Number Π.245
On view Main Building

The still life at the National Gallery is one of the few signed and dated works by this artist. The work is an example of Linard’s first period. We see a wooden table, on which a pewter plate has been placed, set against a dark background, and on which are arranged peaches, plums and pears in a pyramidal configuration. The velvety and fleshy texture of the fruit, the cold feel emanating from the metal combined with the hard surface of the table, create the impression of a real scene. The composition is thus characterized by the harmonious blending of cold and warm colors and balanced shapes. The credibility of the image is further intensified by the piece of paper in the middle of the table on which the artist has signed and dated the work. The manner in which this is presented nailed on one side and slightly ripped from the second nail, that was supposed to hold it, as well as its detailed description is reminiscent of another kind of painting that also developed in the 17th century, namely trompe-l-oeil.