The Kiss - Lytras Nikephoros

Lytras Nikephoros (1832 - 1904)

The Kiss, before 1878

Oil on canvas, 79 x 69 cm

Ε. Koutlidis Foundation Collection

Inv. Number Κ.139
On view Main Building

In “The Kiss”, the scene is set in a courtyard, in which a slender girl is rising on the tips of her tows in order to kiss her beloved, whose head can be seen through the window high up. The lily in the pot symbolises purity, while its slender stem echoes the slender girl’s motion. Ochre and white prevail, along with some red on the girl’s fez. The latter colour was a favourite of Nikephoros Lytras’. The abandoned slipper suggests the girl’s rush to meet her beloved, while at the same time marking space, that is, making us part of the scene.