Touch I - Lameras Lazaros

Lameras Lazaros (1913 - 1998)

Touch I, [1979]

Aluminum, plastic fibre, 79 x 81 x 27 cm

Inv. Number Π.5778
On view Corfu Annex

A pioneer of abstraction in Greece, Lazaros Lameras also worked in the figurative vein, producing works that mainly reflect archaic sculpture and Cycladic figurines; he also created works aimed at visually impaired people. In 1979, he held the exhibition “Touch-Art-Child” at the National Gallery, featuring works such as “Touch I”. Small-scale terracotta children’s heads and figurine-like statuettes in metal or painted clay, hung side by side in an ellipsoidal or rectangular iron frame, produce sound and motion at the touch of a hand, thus enabling the blind to come into contact with art through touch and hearing.