From 14.06.1993 to 31.07.1993

National Gallery - Central Building

Andy Warhol: a name identified with the movement represented by the artist -Pop Art; a popular art, which borrowed advertising forms and approaches and managed to build a new bridge for communication between the contemporary visual arts and consumers. No other 20th-century artist -except for Picasso and Dalí- commanded such universal recognition. The artist’s own marketing strategy is transparent and implies a profound knowledge of advertising mechanisms. In fact, Warhol had studied graphic arts and advertising and had already been a successful fashion designer, illustrator and interior designer when he decided to enter the field of “high” art in the early 1960s.
Andy Warhol 1928-1987: Works from the José Mugradi Collection, 14 June – 31 July 1993

Exhibition Curator: Manos Stefanidis, Curator at the National Gallery of Greece

Sponsor: BSB Athens Advertising S.A.