to 01.06.2016

National Gallery – Nafplion Annex

From 16th May 2015, takes place the photographic exhibition of Eugenia Koumantarou “Beyond White”, takes place in the annex of Nafplion.

The photos of Eugenia Koumantarou, with the luminescence of the tones and their minimalist aesthetic, lead the viewer to a silent and ritual world, recalling memories from the tradition and re-establishing the relationship with the Aegean landscape and the divine.

Eugenia Koumantarou – Brief Biography

Eugenia Koumantarou is a graduate of English Literature and Photography at Princeton University (USA). Since 1989 she is involved in photography for the Greek press. Her personal expression in art photography is inspired by the sea. She has presented photographic exhibitions in Tinos, in the Ursuline School, in the Baths (2008), in the Marble Museum, in the Tower (2009), in Photobiennale (2010), in the Museum of Cycladic Art (2012), in the annex of the National Gallery in Sparta and in the History Archive-Museum of Hydra (2013-2014).