From 06.04.2005 to 30.06.2005

National Gallery - Central Building

The mirror is the instrument par excellence in Samaras’s art, and the artist’s own reflection is his privileged model. Lucas Samaras is a metic; a triumphant metic, of course, as he has secured a prominent place in the history of contemporary American culture. Yet, deep inside him he is a castaway living in self-imposed exile in the invented little island of his art. It is there that he creates his own personal homeland, his own community by multiplying his reflections on the surface of Narcissus’ lake. And in the same way that water is never still, the reflection is often fragmented, wrinkled, ageing. The anxiety of time transforms the artist’s image into Dorian Gray’s portrait. Thus, the exhibition of Lucas Samaras at the National Gallery of Greece takes on the character of a therapeutic return.

Exhibition Curator: Katerina Koskina
Exhibition Coordinators: Efi Agathonikou and Artemis Zervou, Curators at the National Gallery of Greece

Sponsor: John F. Costopoulos Foundation