From 13.08.2014 to 30.09.2014

Regional museums and cultural centers

Sifnos, Old School, Kastro, 13/08/2014 – 30/09/2014

The standard summer exhibition of the National Gallery in the Old School of Kastro in Sifnos, is performed for the sixth consecutive time. In this exhibition, although the research throughout Greece, for time and space reasons, only artists-teachers who taught in Athens and whose works are available in the collections are presented. It consists of a new proposal with artists, who had been teachers, and is titled “Masters – artists – from the collections of the National Gallery”.
In the first generation of the 30s belong Yannis Moralis (1916-2009), Costas Grammatopoulos (1916-2003) and Yannis Pappas (1913-2005), who taught respectively, painting, printmaking and sculpture.
In the second generation of the 60s belong the painters: Dimosthenis Kokkinidis (1929), Elias Dekoulakos (1929-1998), Nick Kessanlis (1930-2004), as well as the oldest Panayotis Tetsis (1925), and the sculptor Thymios Panourgias (1931).
The third generation of the 70s, with artists who put in their work the dimension of social and political unrest, belong: Giannis Valavanidis (1939) Chronis Botsoglou (1941), Giannis Psychopaidis, (1945), Dimitris Sakellion (1947), Tasos Christakis (1947), Paflos Samios (1948), engravers Zacharias Arvanitis (1947), Mairi Schoina (1948), the sculptor Thodoros Papagiannis (1942) and Triantaphyllos Patraskidis (1946).
The fourth last generation of younger artists includes: Michael Manousakis (1953), Michael Arfaras (1954), the outgoing Rector School Giorgos Charvalias (1956) and its successor in Rectory Marios Spiliopoulos (1957).
Simultaneously, at the School of Architecture NTUA, from the late 1930s until today, taught extremely important artists such as Nick Engonopoulos (1907-1985), Nick Chadjikyriakos Ghika (1906-1994), Vlassis Kaniaris (1928-2011 ) Padelis Xagoraris (1,929 to 2000), Hara Kalaitzidou (1949), Pericles Goulakos (1947).
The exhibition of the island, through 30 projects of teachers, presents objectively, both the course and the succession of teachers-artists, and the evolution of modern Greek art from 1940 until today, the specific proposals of the 30s generation, from figurative art, abstract, removal, geometric, gestural formalities of future generations, to the most recent searches, with expressions of new tools and trends.
Exhibition curator:
Dr. Lina Tsikouta-Deimezi
Curator of the National Gallery