National Gallery – Nafplion Annex

The annex of the National Gallery and Alexander Museum Soutsos in Nafplion organizes an exhibition entitled “The Sea in Modern Art”, with works coming exclusively from the collections of the National Gallery. It aims to an acquaintance-reading of the seascape in modern Greek painting, as the sea is directly connected with the life of the Greek people, its memories and its experiences, was a source of inspiration and of artistic creation, from the last quarter of the 19th century.

The exhibition is divided into three sections: the first includes works of our great seascape painters: Constantine Volanakis, Vassilios Hatzis and John Altamuras, whose works reflect the first influences of Impressionism.

The second section includes works by Constantine Maleas, Nicolas Lytras, Konstantinos Parthenis, Michalis Economou, which are considered the innovators of art in the spirit of modernism in the early 20th century.

The third section is represented by paintings of Nikos Hadjikyriakos -Gkikas, Agenor Asteriadis, Panagiotis Tetsis, Costas Tsoklis, expressing their personal style in the landscape painting.

Lamprini Karakourti-Orphanopoulou

Curator of the National Gallery

Responsible of the Annex of Nafplion



WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY: 10.00-15.00 & 17.00-20.00


Sidiras Merarhias23 PC 21100, Nafplion, Tel. 27520 21915-21935