From 04.08.2011 to 28.09.2011

Regional museums and cultural centers

Sifnos, Old School, Kastro, 04/08/2011 – 28/09/2011

This year’s new exhibition entitled “The unseen side-Modern Greek art from the collections of the National Gallery” highlights, in chronological sections, unknown aspects of Greek art, from 19th century to the present day.

In the vast majority there are unknown works or works that have been previously exhibited. The artists are mainly from the generation of 1960 and the younger generation of 1990. The exhibition includes paintings but also some constructions and installations developing a course of representational painting, expressionism, gestural formalities, abstract suggestions, minimalist expressions with various materials.

The artists of the exhibition are: Apergi Eirini (1921-1994), Vakirtzis George (1923-1988), Vyzantios Konstantinos (1924-2007), Gaitis Giannis (1923-1984), Gkinis Alkis (1933), Grammenos Kornilios (1959), Daniel (1924 to 2,008), Divaris George (1956), Isaia Nana (1934-2003), Ioannou Stavros (1945-2009), Kanakakis Lefteris (1934-1985), Capralos Christos (1909-1993), Karavouzis Sarantis ( 1938-2011), Karas Christos (1930), Xenakis Kosmas (1925-1984), Paulos (1930), Perdikidis Dimitri (1922-1989), Pierrakos Alkis (1920), Polymeris Manolis (1951), Sakellion Dimitris (1947) Sahinis Nikos (1924-1989), Skylakos Vasilis (1930-2000), Strapatsaki Marianna (1947), Tetsis Panagiotis (1925), Tougias Giorgos (1922-1994).