He studied sculpture (1957-1962) at the Athens School of Fine Arts with Yannis Pappas and in the last year of his studies attended bronze casting and plaster moulding classes at the school’s applied art workshop.
From 1965 until 2005 he has been teaching at the National Technical University of Athens, Department of Plastic. He has produced public monuments and won many awards and distinctions, including the Burckhardt Academy gold medal (1974) and the ECU silver medal in Brussels (1993).

He has made solo shows and contributed to group exhibitions, including Panhellenic exhibitions, the 1969 Sao Paulo Biennale and the Paris Biennale Internationale des Jeunes Artistes, the 1973 Budapest Biennale and 1974 Alexandria Biennale as well as international medal exhibitions.

Giorgos Kalakallas’s sculptural production is distinguished for its thematic as well as stylistic variety. Using marble, bronze, sheet iron, wood and stone, he has made busts, statues, memorials, commemorative medals as well as free sculptures, combining elements from various stylistic sources, tailored to the specific requirements of his subject matter and material. Figuration, always in touch with visual reality, prevails in his busts and commissioned works, whereas his free compositions suggest a partially or completely abstract approach, combining biomorphic, geometric or expressionistic elements in order to establish themselves dynamically in space.