He began his studies with the drawing lessons he took from a Russian colonel in Corfu. In 1815, he enrolled in Pavlos Prossalentis’s school, where he studied for two years, and then went to Venice to continue his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts until 1819. Upon his return to Greece in 1820, he was appointed by the British to establish a School of Fine Arts on the island of Ithaca, following the example of Pavlos Prossalentis’s school; the school, however, remained in operation only until 1824. He was then appointed engineer general for the Ionian Islands and also gave free courses at his workshop in Corfu.

Existing works by Ioannis Vaptistis Kalosgouros include busts and reliefs, characterized by his adherence to neoclassicist ideals as well as to the work of his teacher, Pavlos Prossalentis.