He was a student of Alexandre Cabanel in Paris, where he studied painting for ten years (ca 1875-1885). While in the French capital he exhibited his works at the Salon of the Society of Living Artists, of which he was a member (1876, 1877, 1878, 1880) and at the World Exhibition of 1878. In 1885 he took part in the first exhibition at Parnassos Hall. In 1886 he was appointed an unpaid professor of Technical Drawing at the Athens School of Arts and later, starting in 1903, taught Elementary Graphics and Sketching until 1916. In 1888 he participated in the Olympia Exhibition at Zappeion Hall where he received a commendation, while in 1899 he appeared in the exhibition of the Society of Art Devotees and in 1900 the exhibition of the Artistic Union. He also took part in the Alexandria Exhibition of 1903. Known as a still life painter, mainly with fruit and sweets, done in accordance with the principals of academic realism, he also did portraits.