She studied at the Ecole Cantonale de Dessin et d’Art Applique in Laussanne (1952-1954), the Athens School of Fine Arts (1954-1958), under Yannis Moralis and Yannis Kefallinos, and the London Central School of Arts and Design (1958-1961). She taught at the Vacalo School (1963-1967), the Technology Applications Centre (1970-1971), and the Athens School of Fine Arts (1984-1986) as a scientific advisor. In 1962, her first solo exhibition was organised in Rome; her work went on to be exhibited in solo and group shows of painting and tapestry in Greece and other countries, including the Alexandria Biennale in 1980 and the 1982 Europalia in Brussels. Her articles and essays have also been published in the daily and periodical press and exhibition catalogues.

From her early work, she has adopted an expressionistic style of abundant colour. She went on to use tapestry, engraving, and traditional techniques in spatial constructions and other works in which she voices her social critique, ranging in subject from the destruction of nature to the position of women and their traditional role.