Having moved to Athens with his family in 1938, in 1951 he went to Paris, where he studied painting with Andre Lhote as well as poster and drawing with Paul Colin. In 1955, he returned to Greece and began to work as a freelance graphic artist. In 1959, he began to design and make pavilions for Greek and international exhibitions, while in 1974 he established the agency A & M Katzourakis Interior and Graphic Design, specialising on luxury cruise boats. During 1960-1967, he worked as artistic advisor for the Hellenic Tourism Organisation, while from 1962 until 1974 he directed, along with F. Karabot, the Athens Advertising Centre K&K. In 1955 was organised his first solo exhibition, and he went on to present his work in solo and group exhibitions of painting, sculpture and graphic arts in Greece and other countries, receiving numerous distinctions.

The starting point for his work, both painting and sculpture, is geometric abstraction; his compositions are distinguished for their strong organisation. Since 1970, he has turned his attention almost exclusively to works of a monumental scale, incorporated into exterior or interior walls in public buildings, banks, hotels, and factories. In his most recent works he has been using natural as well as industrial materials.