Aphroditi Liti studied sculpture, mosaic and fresco at the Athens School of Fine Arts from 1972 to 1978 under Yannis Pappas, Kostas Kolefas and Konstantinos Xynopoulos. She attended classes at the Universita degli Studi in Milan in 1978, and went on to do postgraduate work on a Greek government scholarship at London University.

Her exhibition record consists of solo shows and participation in group shows in Greece and abroad. These include “Memories-Recreations-Quests” in 1985, the Pan-Hellenic Exhibition of 1987, the Alexandria Biennale in 1991, “SPIRA I” in Madrid and the International Sculpture Symposium on Thassos in 1992, “The Tree” in the Averoff Museum in Metsovo in 1994, “On Nature, Mimesis and Art” and “Natura Mater Artis” in Athens in 1996, “Pandora’s Box” in the Antiken Museum in Basel, and others.

Drawing her inspiration from nature, Aphroditi Liti transforms reality into outsized images, elements from the natural world that reside on the ground or are suspended. She creates poetic environments of leaves, nuts and fruits, flowers, beetles, lizards, trees and branches with birds, and other incidents of nature. But when her birds perch on bare branches and defoliated trees and the fruits’ core is ablaze, this oneiric atmosphere becomes a protest against humankind’s catastrophic intervention. Various metals, mirrors, mosaics, marble, stone and plaster are the mediums she uses to remodel images of the natural world. She utilizes her knowledge of sculpture and mosaics, frequently enhancing classical techniques with the possibilities offered by technology, especially neon lighting.