He attended painting lessons at St. Luke’s Academy in Rome (1868-1869) and in 1870 after a trip to various European countries, he returned to Corfu. In his birthplace he originally taught at the Capodistrias School but then founded a private art school at which many noteworthy Corfiot painters studied, such as Angelos Giallinas and Georgios Samartzis

Participating in the artistic activity of the capital, he presented his works at various exhibitions, such as the Olympia Exhibition of 1875, where he was awarded the silver medal second class for his work Arkadi. He also took part in the International Exhibition of Paris in 1878 and the Panhellenio Artistic Exhibition at Zappeion Hall in 1888, while his participation in the First International Exhibition in Crete in 1900 garnered him a gold medal.

Influenced by European Philhellenism, he did history compositions inspired by the Greek War of Independence. He also painted portraits, and was one of the first painters from the Ionian islands to do genre scenes and landscapes, combining in his works the doctrines of his Italian training with pure folk elements. His artistic creation also includes a number of religious subjects as well as the iconography for the Orthodox Greek Church of Dyrrachio.