He studied engraving under Vittorio Grassi and painting under Giulio Bargellini at the School of Decorative Arts in Rome. During the period of 1921-1922 he followed the Asia Minor campaign as a war painter along with Spyros Papaloukas and Periklis Vyzantios; the works of all three were lost with the destruction of Smyrna. In 1923 he settled in Genoa for good after periods of residence in Germany, Athens, Paris and Marseilles.

In 1919 he presented a solo exhibition at the main room of the “Ελεύθερος Τύπος” newspaper in Athens and the same year he also participated in the exhibition organized by the “Art Group” at the “La Boetie” gallery in Paris. Furthermore, he presented his work in solo and group exhibitions in Italy as well as the Venice Biennales of 1934, 1940 and 1948, sometimes representing Greece and other times Italy.

His work, initially influenced by symbolism, consisted mainly of landscapes rendered impressionistically.