He studied Law and Political Science at the University of Thessaloniki. From 1936 to 1944 he took painting lessons from Polykleitos Rengos while later he was taught modern methods for the use of various materials by Roy Moyer and engraving techniques by Georges Perret.

He taught set design and costume making at private theater and cinema schools and when the State Theater of Northern Greece was founded he began to work for it as a set designer and costume maker. At the same time he worked with private theaters in Thessaloniki and Athens. Starting in 1971, he served as professor of freehand drawing and director of the School of Visual Arts at the Technical University of Thessaloniki. In the context of this broader artistic activity, he published texts on art in newspapers and magazines and was the artistic commentator for the National Radio Station, a member of the critical committee of the Cinematic Festival of Thessaloniki (1965 and 1973) and President of the Association of Artists in the Visual Arts of Northern Greece.

In 1950 he had his first solo show in Thessaloniki, while in 1985 the Vafopouleio Cultural Center had a retrospective exhibition of his work. He also took part in group and international exhibitions, such as the Alexandria Biennale of 1976. For his artistic contribution he was honored with four awards by the Municipality of Thessaloniki (1956-1959) and with first prize in the competition held by the Ionian and Commercial Banks in 1960.

Starting out with figurative painting, including landscapes, still lifes, nudes and scenes from everyday life, he gradually turned toward abstract expressionism, and was influenced by pop art after that; the final stage of his work is marked by a combination of figurative and abstract elements rendered expressionistically.