He studied in the Architecture Department of the National Technical University (1931-1936) and then worked as an architect until the end of the Thirties. In 1947 he went to Brazil, and on the recommendation of Le Corbusier, worked on the studies and designs for Brasilia. The same year he travelled to Paris where he settled until 1960. He abandoned architecture and devoted himself to painting and set design, indeed, even founding his own theater. He had solo exhibitions in France and in 1963 his last solo show at the Zygos gallery in Athens to which he had returned in 1961. Retrospective exhibitions of his work were organized at the Technological Institute of Athens (1965), the National Gallery (1980) and the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris (1980).

One of the first artists internationally to express themselves in informel art, he created works feverish in style, the fruit of frenzied delirium, in which gesture and metier activate the painting surface.