A descendant of Admiral Miaoulis, he originally studied at the Evelpidon (Army Cadet) School, but was quickly won over by painting and studied at the School of Arts from 1874 to 1878. In 1885 he left on a scholarship for Munich where he studied for two years at the Academy under Ludwig von Lofftz, Andreas Muller and Nikolaos Gyzis. In the Bavarian capital he opened a private painting school, at which quite a number of Greeks studied, but he fell ill and returned to Greece in 1902 just a few months before his death.

Already by the time of his studies in Greece there is evidence of his participation in the Olympia Exhibition of 1875 with the “Portrait of D. Voulgaris” while he won a bronze medal at the 1888 Olympia. In 1890 he received a silver medal at the exhibition of sketches at the Parnassos Hall and in 1898 took part in the artistic exhibition at the Zappeion Hall. In Munich he presented his works at the exhibitions of the Kunstverein (1889, 1901) and the Glaspalast (1898), while in 1900 he participated in the World Exhibition of Paris with a still life.

He was originally involved with genre painting and portraiture. Then, taking the Dutch painters as his model, he turned almost exclusively to still life, usually with fish and shells, which he rendered naturalistically.