He studied chemistry at the University of Athens, but was interested in art from an early age, and later took private lessons and studied painting and engraving at the Paris School of Fine Arts (1934-1935).

A member of the Junction group, he took part in its exhibitions in 1949 and 1952. He also appeared in nearly all the Panhellenies exhibitions as well as other group exhibitions and in 1957 took part in the Alexandria Biennale. In 1954 he presented his first solo show at the Payne gallery and in 1963 his work was presented in a retrospective at the Athenian Technological Institute while another was held at the National Gallery in 1990.

Remaining faithful to figurative depiction and employing oil painting, water color as well as new techniques concerned with color relationships, based on his chemistry studies, he was involved with portraiture, landscape, still life and interiors, placing emphasis on the atmospheric rendering of his compositions.