Capricorn 29 - Alexiou Sotos

Alexiou Sotos (1940)

Capricorn 29, 1979

Stainless metal, 60 x 68 x 11 cm

Inv. Number Π.6375
On view National Glyptotheque

Having studied stage-designing, painting and sculpture, Sotos Alexiou then applied himself a broad field of interests, developing his artistic activity in three main areas. He came into contact with modern non-figurative artistic trends early in his career, while doing his post-graduate work in the USA. Despite that, he has always remained an admirer of the classical art of antiquity and the simplicity of Doric lines, and has evolved his own personal language based on the harmonious principles of geometry combined with the expressive severity offered by the abstract form. With these serving as his perceptual basis, he creates two-dimensional paintings or three-dimensional sculptural compositions which arise from the unadorned combinations of linear or volumetric geometric shapes, such as in “Capricorn 29”.