Captain from Psara - Kriezis Andreas

Kriezis Andreas (1813 - 1878)

Captain from Psara, ca 1850-1853

Oil on canvas, 95 x 71 cm

Ε. Koutlidis Foundation Collection

Inv. Number Κ.805
On view Main Building

The descendant of a prominent maritime family of Hydra, Kriezis studied painting and engraving in Paris. Like Pige, he blends folk and academic elements in his painting. Unlike him, he uses the brown colour of academic painting and models volume through chiaroscuro.

The captain from Psara is portrayed in a proud frontal pose, looking at the viewer, a lit cigarette in his fingers. He is wearing the traditional costume of his island. Through the open window can be seen a vessel with all sails open. This detail is emblematic of the sitter’s professional occupation as a captain.