Couple with Horse - Papadoperaki Aspassia

Papadoperaki Aspassia (1942)

Couple with Horse, 1979

Bronze, 67 x 55,5 x 26 cm

Inv. Number Π.5716
On view National Glyptotheque

Aspassia Papadoperaki is a sculptor focused on the human figure. Although she did not reject figurative represantation, she adopted strong schematization based on geometric shapes. Also a student, among others, of Dimitris Kalamaras, she followed her teacher’s precepts on order, harmony, measure and whatever was based on the law of number, creating tectonic compositions formed of geometric shapes. The views of Le Corbusier pricked her interest as well and expanded her already active speculations, leading her to further examine and study the figure in regard to measure and proportion.
“Couple with Horse” is a composition which expresses clearly the sculptor’s principles in regard to the rendering of forms which arise from careful calculation and measurement and is based on geometric shapes.