Little Men Tightly Clasped ΙΙΙ - Lambrou Giorgos

Lambrou Giorgos (1946)

Little Men Tightly Clasped ΙΙΙ, 1982

Bronze, 130 x 71 x 65 cm

Inv. Number Π.7058
On view National Glyptotheque

Giorgos Lambrou’s first sculptures, done with wire, were an extension of his quests in drawing. During his career his forms have acquired volume, but have retained their spareness and the tendency toward the schematic, which indeed characterizes all his work. At the same time, they would come to constitute the means he uses to express his critique of the mass homogenization of contemporary society. Thus, in one of his series of compositions, to which belongs the work “Little Men Tightly Clasped III”, the focus would be on the human figure. Mass homogenization and the subsequent levelling, insecurity, alienation, and inner isolation, are expressed by means of three or more human figures which stick out of a compact volume. They are without arms or legs and, by extension, without the ability for free action or escape and end up by being identical, mere schematic suggestions of heads without any individual characteristics. The asphyxiating atmosphere is intensified by the schematization and the rhythmically repeated grooving of the surface, which creates light and dark zones and gives the impression of real bonds.