With a talent for the arts since his early childhood, he studied sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1965-1969) with Yannis Pappas.

His work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions, among them Panhellenic exhibitions and participations in group events in Greece and the world.

Beginning with drawing and painting, which he never abandoned, Giorgos Lambrou turned to sculpture in 1972. His early works consisted of wire constructions, maintaining contact with visual reality and characterized by austerity, stylisation and their interest in capturing the essential. He went on to create solid bronze figures without limbs nor individuality, closely interlinked with one another and surrounded by horizontal wavy grooves, invoking a stifling atmosphere. In these works as well as in his “Wastebaskets”, Lambrou practises social criticism, voicing his protest for today’s mass society and the rejection of values.