Nest - Chandris Pantelis

Chandris Pantelis (1963)

Nest, 1992

Vegetable fibers, plaster, iron, siphon, 162 x 98,2 x 56,5 cm

Donated by the artist

Inv. Number Π.10481
On view Corfu Annex

Since the 1980s, certain artists began to use unprocessed natural materials, sometimes combining them with traditional and modern materials and sometimes with industrial ones, depending on the content and effect sought in their works.

In 1987, Pantelis Chandris began to depict natural elements in sculptures, mountains on the wall and an assortment of trees. In the early 1990s, he introduced natural materials in his work, such as grass, wood and soil. Combining these materials with ready-made industrial materials, such as plaster and iron, he produced “Trophies”, a series of sculptural incarnations of trees, which combine to form a nest. Shelters, or places where new life begins, these nests are sculptural evocations of the natural landscape, reminding us of the primary needs and yearnings of humans.