Red Awning - Economou Michael

Economou Michael (1884 - 1933)

Red Awning, ca 1927 - 1928

Oil on pasteboard, 45 x 56 cm

Inv. Number Π.2601
On view Main Building

This familiar fishing hut, resting on a quiet beach, is rather like a vision invoked by memory. An orange-red awning casts its blue shadow on the whitewashed facade. A female figure is incorporated into the shade, barely visible. An open door enables the artist to add black colour in his composition, providing tension and life for the other colours: the white wall, the ochre sand, the red tent, the deep blue summer sky and shade. The familiar interplay of cool and warm colours, and of complementary ones, is paramount here, too. Note the shapes: how fluid and wavy they are. No solid straight line, no rigid shape are anywhere to be seen here. Everything seems vibrant, breathing. It is as if one looked at the reflection of a landscape through the soul’s eye, the eye of longing.