Red (from the series “Movement in Space and Time”) - Michalea Frosso

Michalea Frosso (1936 - 2001)

Red (from the series “Movement in Space and Time”), 1985

From the series "Movement in Space and Time"

Steel, 118 x 295 x 177 cm

Frosso Michalea Bequest

Inv. Number Π.10379
On view National Glyptotheque

Frosso Michalea chose to express herself through abstraction since, even during her brief stint doing figurative depictions of the human figure, she used strong schematization. She made use of different materials, such as marble, wood, and stone in order to realize series of works such as “Dialogues”, “Landmarks” and “Transformations”. During the Eighties she turned to metal, giving form in 1985 to the series “Movement in Space and Time”, using steel as her material and at the same time introducing color into her works. Furthermore, while her forms until then had been closed and the compositions static, with this series she introduced the feeling of latent motion that was constantly developing. The steel sheets she made use of were constructed on the basis of careful calculations, measurements and plans and assembled with bolts thus giving form to compositions which unwind rhythmically in various directions, with either a horizontal or vertical development, and created the impression of eternal movement.