Santorini - Maleas Konstantinos

Maleas Konstantinos (1879 - 1928)

Santorini, 1924 - 1928

Oil on canvas, 75 x 107 cm

Donated by Efrosyni Malea

Inv. Number Π.673
On view Main Building

The painter has placed his easel at an elevated position in order to paint the beautiful white Cycladic chapel, surrounded by humble island houses. In the foreground, according to his habit, Maleas has placed wide house terraces in order to lead the viewer’s eye to explore the background. A winding courtyard wall is our “cue,” leading the eye to the deep blue sea and the island of Kameni with its dormant volcano. The horizon is placed near the top, allowing for a mere strip of turquoise sky, in which float white, stylised clouds with golden linings. Along blue and white, other prevailing colours are brown, chestnut and grey. The shades are purple and blue, according to the Impressionist* principles, which were subsequently confirmed by colour photography. Contrary to Thermo, in which horizontal lines prevail, here is a large diagonal and curvilinear patterns.